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Climate change, bees, and beekeeping

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Last year in our Beekeeping Today Podcast blog, I wrote about this phenomenon climate change, I was hearing about. This topic has been on pretty much everybody's horizon for a while now. Five years or so for some and the last two for most everybody. Now that I’ve gotten much deeper into the issues of climate change, I’ve found that it’s a lot more complicated than I was initially aware of.

What started that was my curiosity on how climate change, if indeed such an thing exists, would affect most aspects of bees, beekeeping, and all the people who make beekeeping happen. Then I started to think about what climate change would do to the rest of the agricultural world, and politics from the local, state, national and international aspects. We are not alone on this planet. What affects our bees will have some effect on everything that goes on everywhere on this planet.

We preach that when our bees are affected by something like pesticides, diseases, lack of forage and the like, things like food production will also be impacted. That’s an easy prediction. What interests me is what is the next in line to be impacted, and what’s after that and so on.

But I also wanted to track the progress of both the changes and the efforts to combat those changes in the rest of the world. What is climate change, really? What is causing it?

This blog is going to be random relative to continuity. One entry may be about what’s happening in various states here in the US and the next about another country, and their plans for the future. I will explore nonrenewable fuels because we’re not all on batteries yet.

I will explore all that noise on capturing carbon. I will explore the question, "OK, now you captured some, what do you do with it?" I am interested in learning which other animal populations are declining beside bees, and what are governments doing (or not doing) to address it.

Finally, (though not really), I will explore, just what does sustainable mean, really? And what about recycling? What can and cannot be recycled and what if you don’t want to?

The whole darn world, it is explodin’

Violence flarin’, the wind is blowin’

I hope you join me on this exploration. I welcome your comments and questions.

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